Putting Communication Solutions into Action

Below you will find a selection of our successfully completed projects.

While we assure discretion for our clients, you can still get a glimpse of our range of services and explore the potential benefits that KETANO can bring to your company.

In various stages, KETANO implements a public presentation of a restructuring that is advantageous for the company. Initially, KETANO prepares background conversations with the most important multipliers and journalists, followed by press conferences and accompanying press releases throughout the process. One of the biggest challenges of the mandate was to present the massive job cuts associated with the restructuring as a necessary measure to preserve the company without compromising the company‘s image.

KETANO has developed a strategic PR and public relations campaign on behalf of two municipal companies for a bidding process, within which the majority of shares in the German market leader in the field of water supply and wastewater disposal were successfully acquired. By publicly presenting the motives and objectives of the two companies, a positive image could be created among the sellers as well as among political decisionmakers, which positively influenced the sale to the two clients. In addition, KETANO accompanied a subsequent selection process for the admission of further investors for the water utility.

KETANO developed a proactive crisis PR for a company that had been accused of subsidy fraud. To quickly clarify the accusation, KETANO had a legal opinion prepared within the shortest possible time and organized a press conference to present the opinion. In addition, KETANO conducted background conversations with important multipliers and journalists. Through this targeted and sustainable crisis PR, the falsely raised accusation was corrected in the media in a short time, so that the investigative authorities no longer saw any reason to deal with the matter.

It is a heavy burden for the reputation of a lawyer when a respected specialist lawyer, founder and name partner of a law firm active in the DACH region, is charged with suspicion of breach of trust in connection with a mandate. KETANO contributes to the factual and objective reporting by conducting background conversations with journalists and highlighting the actual circumstances. After the client was acquitted, KETANO works to restore the client‘s reputation by reporting on the mistakes in the investigations that led to the indictment.

A metal industry company, which had previously only communicated on a regional level, found itself in the situation of having to engage in cross-regional communication after taking over a competitor. KETANO supported this process by restructuring the communication process and providing contacts to cross-regional editorial teams.

A US investor has taken over the majority stake in a German production company and commissioned KETANO to develop an effective communication strategy for the Germanspeaking market. Subsequently, the designed measures will be implemented in close cooperation with the communication department in the USA. Thanks to this quick and successful collaboration, a functioning communication in the DACH region was established in no time.

KETANO is developing a concept to help the qualifications of a political talk show moderator on public broadcasting be more widely recognized, compared to competitors. The company achieves this by acquiring interviews in regional newspapers and magazines, as well as by implementing a coordinated marketing strategy in collaboration with the TV station.

KETANO has designed a new PR profile for a mediumsized service provider in public transport, developed strategic measures and accompanied the company in its implementation. With this PR strategy based on distinctive unique selling points, the service provider was able to quickly expand its market position, expand continuously and now counts itself among the established providers in three federal states.

A public transport association is facing public discredit and strong criticism from passengers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram due to the impending insolvency of a contracted public transport service provider. Due to cuts in the timetable and irregularities in the train service, the transport association is exposed to numerous attacks. To counter thisshitstorm“, KETANO is working with an internet company and setting up a social media team to quickly contain the negative comments and relativize them by presenting the actual facts.

The shareholders of an energy company with a municipal ownership structure are increasingly expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of transparency regarding the development of the company in a difficult market environment. To counter this problem, KETANO has developed a concept for digital communication that also includes a regular newsletter with information about the company‘s projects. In collaboration with a graphic agency, a valuable and modern information tool has been created for the owners and political decision makers.